meerestief 029 - Simola & Auvinen
„Another“ incl. Jonas Woehl Rmx

De:BUG Review meerestief 027

Daniela Stickroth / Wacker & Zittrich

"Backtalk / Tournesol"




1. Xhin - Plexus

2. Daniela Stickroth - Backtalk

3. Wacker & Zittrich - Tournesol

early feedback for the upcoming meerestief 028

meerestief 028
XHIN - Plexus / Blade Moth EP

Len Faki...

meerestief 028



"Blade Moth / Plexus EP"




meerestief 027 - first reactions

coming soon: meerestief 027 Daniela Stickroth / Wacker &...

moonpool 005

Ercolino & David Durango



incl. Remix by Alex Niggemann

meerestief 027


"Backtalk" / "Tournesol"




no news in this list

moonpool digi006

Ariane Blank


"Salvation/ Two to Tango"



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meerestief 026 - ERCOLINO

"Girls in a Tube_THE REMIXES" by Gavin Herlihy & Sven Weisemann

Feedback meerestief 026


by Gavin Herlihy & Sven Weisemann

moonpool digi005

Evren Ulusoy


"as time goes by/ the night is young"



meerestief 026


"Girls in a Tube_THE REMIXES"



by Gavin Herlihy & Sven Weisemann

moonpool digi004

The Nearly Man


"Fears of a Clown E.P."



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ERCOLINO "Girls In A Tube EP"

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meerestief limited 011 - Nhar / Wacker&Zittrich


meerestief digital 014





incl. Jeff Bennett Remix

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ERCOLINO "Girls In A Tube EP"

meerestief limited 011




"Quandaries /


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early feedback for the upcoming meerestief 028

meerestief 028
XHIN - Plexus / Blade Moth EP

Len Faki (Len Series, Berghain) (Ostgut Ton) ice cold techno as it's best - gonna play this for a long time - full support

Speedy J (Collabs feat Chris Liebing & Speedy J/Collabs feat. George Issakidis & Speedy J/Electric Deluxe) evil + tools: yay! :)
The Advent (Kombination Research/Labyrinth) blade moth.. cutting & slicing grooves..
Tommy Four Seven (Electric Deluxe) Great fx techness, playing all!
DJ Hal (EQ Magazine) Good
Luciano Sambati (Fabric London) Great EP! Play it for sure!
Loco Dice (Cocoon Recordings/Ovum Recordings/Desolat) Great ones here !! thanks
Dave Martin Weird indeed!
Slam (Soma Records) great label - cool tools - strong release - will play
Oliver Ho (Blueprint/Meta/Raudive (Oliver Ho)) blade moth is the best for me, minimal and powerful!

Trevor Jackson blade moth is savage

Joris Voorn (Green) The tools are great as always, very usefull!

Function (Function vs. Jerome Sydenham/Sandwell District) Been impressed by Xhin's work. Proper techno.

2000 And One (100% Pure, Intacto) nice tools indeed
Todd Burns (Resident Advisor) thanks.
Mark S. Krüx (Urb Magazine) Very nice release....like both the tracks and the tools'll come in handy.
Brendon Moeller (Steadfast) (Echologist) plexus does the job! great production.
Dustin Zahn (Enemy Records) (Dustin Zahn) Really cool tracks! The tracks kind of seem like they lack a theme, but what is lacking is made up for in sound! Looking forward to future material, and I'm still playing his release on Strobo
Audio Injection (Audio Injection & Drumcell/Droid Recordings) solid release! i like all tracks!
Vidal (Acid Circus/Droid Recordings) decent drum tools. will give a try.
Kevin Gorman (Mikrowave) I like blade moth, thats some savage shit right there..
Maetrik / Maceo Plex (Mothership, Dumb Unit, Crosstown Rebels, Treibstoff) Plexus!!! the tools are cool too.Thanks !
Bryan Zentz (Plus 8) evil metallic insect music. i like.
Cio D'Or (Prologue) In love with both tracks & tools! Thank you, Xhin & Meerestief!

Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur) Xhin!!! 10 point!
Steven Hitchell aka Soultek (Souldubsounds, Fortune 8) (Intrusion w/ Paul St. Hilaire/Echospace/Lo-Fi Soundsystem/Intrusion/Cv313) dark, dirty and mean! I really dig this! :-)
Pig & Dan (Cocoon) Lovely dark groovy refined track for late night pleasure will play...great tools also
Angel Molina (Sonar / Tresor) deep, raw, dark... so many good adjectives to this fantastic record.
Dave Tarrida will play blade moth

Paco Osuna (Plus 8) not for me
Jordi Kodrinsky (Go Magazine) Good
Benoît Carretier (Tsugi) why not/not sure
MCD magazine / WTM radio show hello hello
Terence Fixmer (Electric Deluxe) blade moth is the one for me.
Mateo Murphy (Underwater, Tronic, Turbo, Ascend) Great functional tracks and tools!
Jean-Patrice Remillard not for me
Lucy (Lucy & Ercolino/Stroboscopic Artefacts) Xhin... wath to say... I'm speachless... this is unique...
Posivision Nice heavy-hitting work!! best for midnight set;-))
Electric Indigo cool ep! blade moth is my favorite here, also like the tools. nice sound scapes...
Bleed (De:Bug) review to follow
Tobias Staab (Groove Magazine) Xhin is such a monster... great release, review to follow!
DJ MPLeary (Raveline) love it...plexus kills the dancefloor!!!!
Chris Helt (De:Bug) Really dark stuff. Blade Moth sounds like someones snapping at you. Pounding!
Dario Zenker (Harry Klein) heavy dark techno!
Richie Hawtin (Minus) download for R Hawtin
Axel Bartsch (Sportclub Music) (Axel Bartsch) evil!
Deetron Blade Moth is cold as ice.
Peter Van Hoesen Blade Moth is the one for me. Solid!
Jonathan Woods another top heavy xhin release, obviously been listening to leibing etc... will use the tools
Pig & Dan (Cocoon Recordings)Out there in a great way

Danny Tenaglia thanx!!

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